Welcome on this blog full of information about all sort of Comics, and offcourse the comics themselves.

The comics are organized by category which you will find the pages for in the sidebar. On these pages you will find the links for all titles for those comics.

The categories are:

Army and War Comics
Cartoon Comics
Christmas Comics
Crime and Police Comics
Family and Fun
Four Colour Comics from Dell
Heroes of the Golde Age
Horror and Mystery Comics
Indrajal Comics
Jungle Comics
Love and Romance Comics
Movies and Television Comics
Richie Rich Comics
Silver and Bronze Age Comics
Space SF and Fantasy Comics
Teen Fun Comics
Underground Comix and Alternative Comics
Western Comics

The comics are mostly in packages from around 150mb, inside these rar-packages you will find the comics in cbr or cbz format.
You can view the comics with any reader like CDisplay or ComicRack.
I did not scan the comics myself only collect them from various sites on the internet, internet archive, Usenet Newsgroups and torrents. So thanks to all the scanners and uploaders.

This blog is purely ment to preserve the comics and to enjoy them, no financial meanings are involved, if you like the comics buy them as long as they are availabe, because nothing can beat the feeling of reading a real comic.

I only use comics untill 2000, newer ones you can’t find here, with perhaps the occasionaly exception.

If you find something wrong (downloads, numbering, information) please let me know so that i can correct the error.

Thanks to the following sites for the information :

Grand Comics Database


238 thoughts on “Home

  1. Amazing website – thanks Boutje! You have the black and white Charlton magazines for Space 1999 and the Six Million Dollar Man, but not for Emergency! I was wondering if anyone has them?


  2. UPDATE 26-07-2021

    I’ve made a new section, Valiant Comics from the 90s.
    With 25 titles and a few various.


  3. Great place you have here for comic lovers! Would love to see Laurel and Hardy comics finding a place here!


  4. UPDATE 15-07-2021


    Archie (20)


    Devil Kids (1)
    Casper the Friendly Ghost (11)
    Hot Stuff (4)
    Little Audrey (1)
    Little Dot (37)
    Little Lotta (25)
    Little Max (16)
    Various (2)


    Adventures Into Weird Worlds (1)


    Roger Rabbit (8)


    Richie Rich the poor little rich boy (1)
    And Dollar the Dog (6)
    And Gloria (3)
    And his Girlfriends (1)
    Billions (4)
    Cash (7)
    Diamonds (6)
    Digest Magazine (1)
    Dollars and Cents (2)
    Fortunes (5)
    Gems (6)
    Inventions (1)
    Jackpots (5)
    Profits (2)
    Riches (5)
    Vaults of mystery (8)
    Various (2)


    Flash Gordon (1)


    Critters (25) – New Title
    Various (3)


    Various (2)


    1. Hi, Boutje777! I recently tried to download your British Spellbound collection (love those Alan Class comics!). They seemed to come down fine (the downloads were listed as spellb01.rar, spellb02.rar and so on). But when I tried to open it using Rar Expander (which I’ve done successfully in the past), I get a pop-up saying “This Is not an RAR archive” notice. It then creates an empty folder. Any idea what I’m doing wrong?


      1. I looked into Winrar, but it’s for Windows and I have a mac. I tried Stuffit Expander, RAR Expander and Simple Comic, none of which work. As I say, I have used RAR Expander successfully in the past. No idea why it (and other files) don’t seem to open up now.


      2. Thanks Michael, that can be a problem indeed, i use windows as OS and some files don’t match with Mac, i have the same thing the other way around.


  5. UPDATE 13-07-2021

    Compiled Spellbound issues from L.Miller by HuckyC
    Facsimiles 1-66 and 1 Album
    Thanks to HuckyC
    You can find them in Horror and Mystery


  6. Hi there! You obviously know a lot about comics, so you might be able to help me identify an obscure old comic, I think Marvel c. 1970, which ended up being repurposed into a quite different kind of comic and was even published in print a few years ago in this strange new form. Trouble is, the best way to do that would be to send you a scan of the comic, and I can’t find a contact email for you on this site. If you’d be interested in a bit of slightly surreal comic-book detective work, what would be the best way to send you the file?


    1. Hello, thanks, the best way is to upload it to any fileserver and leave a link to it in a comment so i can download it and perhaps others also that can identify the comic, i don’t have that much knowledge, only collect them and search for info on the internet.


      1. OK then, here’s the backstory. In 2005 a writer of incredibly strange comedy sci-fi and fantasy novels called Steve Aylett (who if you haven’t read any of his stuff is well worth checking out) published “Lint”, the supposed biography of Jeff Lint, a prolific but utterly talentless and incredibly weird pulp sci-fi author who is a merciless parody of just about everyone from the Golden Age of sci-fi. Amongst the many things Lint has a disastrous go at is writing superhero comics, resulting in a short-lived comic-book called “The Caterer”, several panels from which appear in the novel.

        Shortly after the novel came out, “The Caterer” began to appear as a webcomic on Steve Aylett’s site. The strip updated for a while, ended, and was suddenly taken down. I assumed there had been a complaint from Marvel, since most of the content was obviously one of their old comics rearranged a bit. But it turned out that Steve Aylett had actually published the webcomic in print, supposedly as a reprint of one issue of the non-existent Jeff Lint’s equally non-existent comic.

        I’d be very interested to know what the original comic was that Aylett cut up to create this bizarre tale, and if possible get hold of a scan. I assume the character he calls “Jack Marsden” only appeared in one issue and died at the end of the story, but “Sheriff Bayard” may have been a recurring character, and may even have starred in his own monthly. This is the webcomic version, but the content of the print comic is identical apart from the addition of spoof adverts, readers’ letters, and other details to make it seem more like an actual comic-book from the early seventies. Here’s the link:



      2. Looked at the scans but don’t recognize them. It may be from one of Marvel’s supernatural horror books as, aside from Son of Satan I didn’t read a lot of them. Given that a swamp seems to be a recurring local I am going to suggest you try Man-Thing first.


      1. In 1975, Pearl Comics Group published a 9 issue series of comics called “The Caterer”…which is where I believe the images came from (I can’t be certain, as I have never come across a scan of any of the issues other than a couple covers…but, they are certainly about the same character). The final issue is noted for causing Disney to sue PCG over the graphic nature of its content. Sometime around 2005, Floating World Comics and Steve Aylett teamed up to reprint Issue #3 from the series.


      2. Hmmm…You can delete my earlier reply….Its wrong. The above info I found via a search on the net. It appears to have come from a fake website…That’ll teach me to search more before I post. LOL…


      3. The information about The Caterer number 3 is accurate. There is a listing for it on GCD. The issue is not indexed but a cover is shown and it looks similar to what you posted in your scan. Looking at the cover I can see why Marvel objected. At first glance it could be taken for a Marvel Comics Cover.


  7. Can any one please upload these
    1) Little Lotta Vol 1 – # 16, 43, 59
    2) Little Dot – 1 to 40 (except 5, 8, 17, 27, 28, 30, 36, 37, 39)
    3) Audrey & Melvin – # 1, 2
    4) Lotta in Food land – 1 to 19 (except 3, 5, 13, 17, 18)
    A huge thanks in advance


  8. Having problems using Stack to download items, i.e., BETTY & VERONICA 27-34, because download goes so far and totally stops. Any other application I can use? It happens quite frequently.


    1. Yes i know, i have sometimes problems with stack also, only thing you can do is try later again and again and again.


  9. UPDATE 29-06-2021

    Psychotronic Video (49)
    A magazine about horror, exploitation, action, science fiction, and movies that used to play in drive-ins or inner city grindhouses.
    You can find them in Movie and Television.


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